Fay Cox cleans out the Awards at Prizegiving

At the Annual Prizegiving of the Titahi Bay Bowling Club on Friday, 19th May, Fax Cox scooped up a very well earned array of Tropies.

1. Bowler of the Year - Joyce McCann Cup

2. Championship Bowler of the Year - Leigh Griffin Cup

3. Championship Singles - Nankervis Trophy

4. Championship Triples - Garrett Cup.  Along with Debbie Byers and Ellie Timihou

5. Championship Fours - Francis Brown Cup. Along with Karen Ambler, Margaret Allan and Margaret Brown

6. Championship Mixed Pairs - Le Gros Trophy.  Alongside Ritchie Ireland

Check out the commentary from both Andrew Flint and Mark Conley in the May Newsletter in regard to the playoffs for the Regional title.

All together a year to be proud of.

Well done to Fay and all those who played with her or played against her.  She was formidable.




Article added: Tuesday 30 May 2023


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